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Exploring the beautiful city of Lefkada, Greece by xtrail raider ! Our guide will provide you with all the necessary information and expert advice to ensure that you have an unforgettable and safe experience.
So why wait? Let our experts help you plan your dream adventure today! With our insider knowledge of this incredible area, we can ensure that your experience is one to remember for years to come.
Xtrail Raider Experience Exploring The Beautiful City Of Lafkada, Greece By Xtrail Raider ! Our Guide Will Provide You With All The Necessary Information And Expert Advice To Ensure That You Have An Unforgettable And Safe Experience. So Why Wait? Let Our Experts Help You Plan Your Dream Adventure Today! With Our Insider Knowledge Of This Incredible Area, We Can Ensure That Your Experience Is One To Remember For Years To Come.

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Lefkada, is a Greek island that offers stunning beaches and view points.

Lefkada, Greece is a stunning destination that offers visitors a unique blend of history, nature, and culinary delights. A tour of Lefkada would typically start with a visit to the island’s capital, which is home to an impressive castle and an array of beautiful churches and museums. From here, visitors can explore the island’s many beaches, which are known for their crystal clear waters and soft golden sands.

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What a great experience and fun 1/2 day! We choose the guided Tour to Nydri Waterfalls as we weren’t confident on exploring on our own. Our guide was amazing and gave thorough instructions on how to use the bikes. The track was mainly easy with a small amount of off-road. We were given new instructions each step of the way and had pictures taken at the waterfall and view points. Would recommend to anyone considering!
לירן ברוך
לירן ברוך
Great experience highly recommended. The vehicle is suitable for movement on the island and helped us get to all the places with pleasureThanks to Moshe and Oren
Dudi Evenchen
Dudi Evenchen
היינו משפחה גדולה של 12 אנשים מגיל 5 ועד 75 ) לגילאים הקטנים ניתן להוסיף כסא ולהרכיב . היה טיול מדהים , מגבש ,מהנה , ההדרכה והליווי היו סופר מקצועיים תודה רבה נמליץ ונחזור 🙏
קובי חן
קובי חן
The bast raid in the island
אופיר ביידה חן משרד עורכי דין
אופיר ביידה חן משרד עורכי דין
Amazing it's perfect solution for travel in the island
kobi chen
kobi chen
Amazing experience new raider and great service. Very convenient to the island

Getting Started

Raiders are a new concept of all terrain 4 wheel drive electric micro-mobility vehicles.

They are light weight and very stable, originally developed for military all terrain use.

Raiders are very easy to operate and a lot of fun.

The minimal age for driving a Raider is 16 years.

The Raider carries up to 2 people (extra seat provided) and up to 200 Kg.

Use of protective helmets is mandatory.

The maximal speed allowed is 25km/h

Children over 5 years old may be seated on the second seat provided.

Use of a protective helmet is mandatory.


The tour lasts about 2 hours from and to XTRAIL’s base. Most of it is driving on Lefkada’s trails with a short break and light refreshments (included) at the Café and a short walk to the waterfalls. Afterwards we resume driving in the beautiful scenery back to base.

Due to the refusal of the insurance companies - the Raiders, the drivers and the participants in the guided tour are not insured. Any damage caused to and/or by the Raider and/or bodily injury sustained as a result of driving the Raider will be borne by the driver. Please refer to the full documents at XTRAIL’s office.